Fans of the Crown & Saltburn

Areas close to Rockingham Forest Park Holiday Park have been used for many locations in The Crown and most recently Saltburn some of which are open to the public.

Belvoir Castle, Rutland

As The Crown was unable to film at Windsor Castle Belvoir Castle in Leicestershire was used as the interior for several seasons with the Elizabethan Saloon one of the favourite rooms used. Belvoir Castle is open to the public from the 9th of March see website for details. The Playground and gardens are open from the 17th of February 2024. See the website for admission prices upcoming events in 2024 and other film roles. 

Burghley House, Stamford

Burghley House is no stranger to the big screen and has been used as a substitute for Windsor Castle in The Crown with the Fire scenes being filmed at Burghley.

The house and gardens will open to the public again in March along with the new adventure park. 

The Deer Park is open all year round from 7 am to dusk, dogs must be kept on leads.

The garden café is open daily from 10 am – 4 pm.

The Orangery Restaurant Open Wed-Sun 10 am – 4 pm

Check the website for details of upcoming events from Fine Food Fests to the new Multi-Sport Weekend and the renowned Burghley Horse Trails in September.


Ely Cathedral, Cambridgeshire

Ely Cathedral was used as a substitute for Westminster Abbey in 2016 for the filming of the wedding of Queen Elizabeth II to Prince Philip. The building can be traced back to AD 672 when there was an Abbey on the site.

Fun Facts:

The earliest parts of the building today date back to 1083.

It gained Cathedral status in 1109.

The stone used in the building was reputed to have been quarried in Barnack, Lincolnshire.

Versatility: it featured in a painting by J M W Turner in 1796 and on the album cover for Pink Floyd’s 1994 album “The Division Bell “

For upcoming events visit their website


Lamport Hall, Daventry

Lamport Hall stables were brought back to life for the first time in 60 years for filming in The Crown. Everything needed to be brought back in, from the horses to the track, rugs, carriages, horse boxes and even hay. These were a substitute for Windsor Castle, with some of the internal rooms for Clarence House. House and gardens open from April – to October see website for details.

Oundle, Northamptonshire

For the residents of Oundle they saw the old Owen and Hartley electrical shop change its name to D Muir Photography a photographer in Scotland. Although there is no evidence that Duncan Muir exists, his character was based on a range of Scottish photographers of the time. Why not wander through this quaint Market town with its numerous independent quirky shops and cafes? Click the link below for more details.


Saltburn, Northamptonshire

Saltburn was filmed at Drayton House, Lowick, Kettering, this house is not open to the public, but visits can be pre-booked for a minimum of twelve, for study days and guided tours. These happen on  Wednesdays between Easter and September, contact the Drayton estate office, 19 Drayton Road, Lowick, Kettering NN14 3BG. Tel 01832 238110

Written by Lindsay Stuart

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